Loanoble currently only lends in Texas to investment properties. However, we do arrange financing for investment property loans in 42 states.

Lending: Texas Only
Property Type: Single-family, 2-4 Unit, townhomes (no condominiums or manufactured homes)
Loan To Value (LTV): Up to 80% if the property is leased
Term: 12 months; up to another 6 months extension with additional points and fees
Min Loan Amount: $60K
Max Loan Amount: Up to $1 Million based on experience

Loan Fees

Rate: 9%-12 interest-only payment
Points: 2 to 5 points
Appraisal Fee: $300 – $600 depending on location and appraiser’s fee; ALL APPRAISALS ARE BASED ON ARV and are only ordered by LOANOBLE
Loan Documents: $400-$600
Processing Fee: $600


Closing Costs: Must have enough to cover closing costs
Reserve: 3 months or more for carrying costs of the loan

  • Premiums for 12 months are to be paid in full before or at closing; NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Replacement cost coverage is required
  • Must include vacancy and vandalism riders if not currently leased
  • LOANOBLE must be named as loss payee and additional insured


  • No minimum credit scores, however, we will pull your credit report
  • No recent bankruptcy
  • No recent foreclosure
  • No judgement

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