Alternative Investments

Private Lending

It’s one of the oldest, most proven forms of investing. It’s a prominent investment option and one thing is certain – profits are steady, and the risk of losses is minimal. Loanoble has an investment strategy with a stellar track record. We mitigate risk while simultaneously establishing excellent cash flow for clients by putting their dollars to work.

Real Estate

Loanoble’s real estate department specializes in dealing with different real estate deals, including buying, renovating and selling various kinds of properties. At Loanoble, we are determined to deliver the best real estate services, along with our strategies, technology, and methods to power up the investment returns of our clients.


Investing in apartments is one of the successful investments in the market today. With that Loanoble ensures to maximize the opportunities that this can bring about. The company has honed its experiences, as well as its team to manage apartment investments to be able to yield the best results for its partners and clients.


Loanoble is forging ahead with new tech investments, research and development that includes artificial intelligence, blockchain and machine learning. We believe that it is here now and the future.

Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness sector grew into a $4.2 trillion global industry and now represents 5.3% of global economic output. That said, this industry is undoubtedly promising and will continue to grow and prosper. As such, Ennoble Capital Group has acquired and or started companies in this space.

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